What we
stand for

Our passion is to assist in maintaining the integrity of the original investment by assisting with property management and cleaning solutions.

WhiteSox constantly keeps abreast with the latest trends, perfecting our methods and take pride in what we do.

Our mission is to live our passion and deliver peace of mind.

“We are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen.”

We envision ourselves to be an industry leader. We may not have the size, but we believe we have the voice and the spirit.

We believe in selecting our portfolio of clients, To accept the things, we cannot change but inspire the opportunities that can bring about change.

Assist individuals to grow and evolve – and understand the importance happiness of and freedom.

“If you stay ready, you will never need to get ready”

Our Values are the core of our
operation and we believe that it
solidifies our foundation.
These values include;
Most important – our Clients.
Open, honest communication

“The best teachers we have in life
is your last mistake and the
mistakes of those around you – so
pay attention in class”

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Tiffany Mary Jane


+27 (0)82 610 0269

+27 (0) 84 308 3489 (Emergencies)

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