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The WhiteSox Team is a Cape Town – based company that has been helping property owners maintain the integrity of their investments by managing residential, corporate and commercial properties since inception in 2014.

Your one stop solution for Commercial Cleaning, Housekeeping Services, Property Management & Sectional Title Services.


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Our Clients

We made use of the whitesox team to do a post occupation clean of the house we had rented. They did an amazing job and the walls and carpets were cleaner than the day we moved in. The rental agency was so impressed and commented that the house was in a better condition now than before we rented it….i will be making use of the services to a spring clean in my current house every few months.
Thank you for your wonderful service and friendliness

Tansy McGhee

Consolata Residence has worked with the WhiteSox team since 2015. The service that WhiteSox has provided goes far beyond their scope of cleaning, gardening and property management, with total involvement in all aspects relating to the property we have found a partner that adds value to our investment through inciteful cost savings and operational procedures.

Hands-on 24-7 management gives us peace of mind that our property is cared as if we are WhiteSox’s sole client. Simply the best!

Anchor Business Solutions

Clinton and his team cleaned my incredibly filthy and stained lounge carpet and two Persian rugs that had all suffered due to an old sick pooch and a new puppy. *embarrassed face* That was a month and a rather raucous party ago. The still look incredible and smell even better. I don’t know what magic potion they used but it was worth every cent! And they did it all with a smile. Thank you WhiteSox Team!Thank you for your wonderful service and friendliness!

Alison Evans

I just walked through the building now and spot checked a couple rooms here and there. I’d just like to say how proud I am of the final product you deliver. It is with pleasure and price we will hand over to the product to the clients for 2020. Although the cleaning team will always get the short end of the stick, I have tried all I could to streamline the process. This year, as with any task I undertake, is something I have learnt from and will work on moving forward. I think it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way and that, even with all other factors considered, are in the best position we have ever been for check in. I have full confidence you will deliver as always. The sacrifices and extra mile you have gone to rectify poor workmanship from other contractors is appreciated. The blood, sweat and tears you put into prepping the rooms does not go unnoticed by myself or the clients who will be moving in. Thank you, ladies, and thank you management!


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