The WhiteSox Team Services

The WhiteSox Team specialises and offers the following services;

Contract Cleaning of Private Schools.

The WhiteSox Team has a full team on site throughout the year to ensure all areas are cleaned, maintained and sanitised – IES Helderberg is an International Private school located in Somerset West. Our Team consists of 4 members and cover a total of 704-man hours per month.

The WhiteSox Team has been maintaining the integrity of the original investment since inception 2014.

Contract Cleaning of Student Accommodation Establishments.

The WhiteSox Team services both public areas inside and outside of both Campuskey Locations in Cape Town Rondebosch and Observatory. Our team consists of 13 team members and cover a total of 3120-man Hours per month maintaining the integrity of the original investment since 2015.

The WhiteSox Team has been maintaining the integrity of the original investment since inception 2014.

Property Management of Student Accommodation Establishments.

The WhiteSox Team assist property owners manage small student accommodation establishments. Our Team currently has 3 properties they manage form day to day operations, Housekeeping, arrivals, departures, Maintenance and the overall management of student accommodation entablements

Our managed locations are:

10 Glen Darrach Road – Consolata Residence (Rondebosch)
22 Orchid Heights – The Palace (Newlands Forest)
6 Linkoping Road – The WhiteHouse (Rondebosch)

These services are tailor made and designed to individual specification, run on the principles of sound Property Management and Sectional Title Services offerings

Asset Preservation & Sanitation.

The WhiteSox team has more than 18 years’ experience in the hospitality sector, and with Covid 19 we understand that many restaurants, hotels, and guest houses as well as other industry relate operators, privately owned residences etc. that stand vacant, require asset preservation.

Our asset preservation services include;

  • Creating of inventory register
  • Deep Cleaning and sanitizing including the new decontamination methods
  • Bi-monthly property inspection with reporting, or as required
  • Management of armed response / alarm services
  • Ensuring all furniture and fittings are maintained and preserved
  • Where applicable, gardens are monitored and maintained

All these services form part of basic property management services which will include seeing to all emergency repairs. The Whitesox Team uses Industrial Cleaning, Sanitising and Disinfecting Chemicals certified by DEKRA and approved by the SABS. All procedures and protocols are executed in accordance with the COVID-19 Disease Infection and Prevention and Control Guidelines. All quotations are based solely on the individual characteristics of said asset and owner specific requirements.

Housekeeping Services for Student Accommodation Establishments.

The WhiteSox Team offer a 5-star Housekeeping service to Campuskey Student living in Cape Town. We do daily in room services of all rooms in both location Rosebank/Rondebosch and Observatory. Our Team consists of 15 member including Supervisors and Housekeeping Manager. Our team of 15 Service attendants’ services a total of 805 bedrooms which relates to approximately 1450 in room services per month.

The WhiteSox Team has been maintaining the integrity of the original investment since inception 2014.

End of Year Reinstatement Projects – Student Accommodation.

The Whitesox Team offers end of year reinstatement services for our student accommodation clients – this happens generally during the December/January period each year. We specialise in deep cleaning of the bedrooms, including sanitisation of mattresses, deep cleaning of shower traps, drains, grouting – everything that is required to reinstatement a bedroom to its original state. These services are generally tailor made as per client specifications.

The WhiteSox Team has been maintaining the integrity of the original investment since inception 2014.

Sectional Title Services including Management of Auditable Trust Account.

  • Supply and Manage Groundsman including;
    • Payroll, workman’s compensation, Skills Development, UIF
    • Human Resources – annual appraisals, CCMA matters etc.
    • Job specifications and function – Output and maximise productivity
  • Weekly walk about inspections and reporting
  • Collate and distribute monthly report/s
  • Sourcing and preparation of ALL quotes for all repair/preventative maintenance work.
  • Seek approval from Board Trustees for all repair/preventative maintenance work.
  • Execute maintenance work and ensure that sign off is in line with authorised specifications and ensuring a disciplined proactive approach to maintenance of the property is applied
  • Introduce and manage cleaning schedules of grounds and all communal areas.
  • Present suggestions for continuous improvements in keeping the property value to increase annually.

  • Facilitate all completion inspections and payment of invoices.
  • Consistently seek and find innovative and cost-effective ways in ensuring Rhodes Manor runs at optimum levels
  • Host twice-yearly supplier/contactor’s meetings to ensure all accreditation are in line with legislation and price negotiations
  • Handle of any/all Municipal, refuse, council issues as and when arise
  • Overseeing of health and safety compliance such as the annual Firefighting equipment services, Lift inspections, all
  • Electrical motor services and inspections, emergency signage and lighting as well as evacuation plans.
  • Meeting Administration. Sending out of meeting notices, attend all meetings and take minutes, convene general meetings with necessary supporting information and ensure all important records are securely archived. In conjunction with AlmaCasa Financial Services arrange, manage and complete the 10-year maintenance plan and the insurance replacement valuation surveys every three years as prescribes in the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act (STSMA)
  • Effective financial management and reporting. Almacasa will ensure a positive cash flow based on effective budgeting and good levy collections.
  • Setting an accurate budget for each new financial year and determining the levies necessary to cover forecast expenses.   Recommendations and Suggestions will be communicated, the decision as to what the annual / monthly levies will be rests with the board of trustees, who will approve a recommended budget with or without amendment at an AGM.
  • Levy collection.
    • Distributing owner’s levy invoices and the collection of levies and service charges in line with the budget and associated levy schedule agreed at the AGM.
    • Debt collection must be managed meticulously with a low debtor’s rate whilst complying with the Debt Collector’s Act and Code of Conduct. Ensuring that there are little to none owners who do not pay their levies as this places unnecessary cash flow pressure on the body corporate holistically and  turn subsidised by other owners – this is to be avoided as it is not an ideal nor sustainable situation.
  • Processing and accounting for approved creditor payments.
    • Ensuring that all property expenses such as municipal accounts, insurance premiums and security and maintenance costs are paid on time and that services provided to Rhodes Manor are not interrupted nor suspended.
    • The maintenance of comprehensive financial records for audit purposes at the end of the financial year.
    • Facilitate a time and cost-effective audit process so that the AGM of the body corporate can be convened on time and conducted with the necessary supporting information. (The AGM must be convened within 2/3 months of the financial year end).
  • The compilation of annual tax returns.
    • Take care of all financial management elements of the agreements and provide the board of trustees with concise monthly reports.

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