About Us

WhiteSox Cleaning Services is a Cape Town – based company that has been helping property owners maintain the integrity of their investments by managing residential, corporate and commercial properties since inception in 2014. We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients and execute our duties with passion. We assist and maintain both commercial and residential properties alike. References are available upon request. Offering a sound, healthy property and cleaning management service that gives you the sense of reliability and peace of mind. We are owner managed and a family run business with a passion for property management, cleanliness and hygiene. Our Values are the core of our operation and we believe that it solidifies our foundation. These values include integrity, consistency, passion, hygiene, innovation, safety, urgency and most important we value our clients. Our passion is to assist in maintaining the integrity of the original investment by assisting with property management and cleaning functions.

WhiteSox constantly keeps abreast with the latest trends, perfecting our methods and take pride in what we do. Our passion brings peace of mind. 

Our Team

Our two owners; Clinton du Toit and Tiaan Britz believe in a hands-on approach and take pride in managing the day-to-day operation conducting regular site inspections and staff meetings. As our business grows the need for more supervisors and managers will be a requirement, we are dedicated in growing our family with people that share our values.

With more than 18 years’ hospitality experience we are confident in what we do and aim to deliver the highest possible standards. Maintaining the original investment and managing the integrity of the property is of utmost importance and will always take priority. We understand brand affiliation; our name becomes your name and vice versa.

All problems that arise will be seen to and resolved the same day and when not possible by the very latest the following morning. We believe in staff retention and ensuring our teams are happy and motivated forming part of your team, ultimately the business should run based on a healthy, productive family.

WhiteSox Cleaning Services agrees that it shall exercise the utmost skill, care and diligence in providing the *Monthly Package and any *Custom Services as required by the Client.